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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

When using this service, it is understood that it is only to be utilised for personal use. While providing contact information, identification and any other requirements for use of this service, make sure to verify that all is complete and current. Also, be sure to keep your password and account information secure. It is the sole responsibility of you, the user, to protect against fraud and to keep confidentiality.

At any time, SoftwareCoupon.co.uk can refuse this service to anyone without any prior notice.

Proper Use

This agreement declares that you are responsible for the communication through this service as well as any consequences that are incurred due to your communication. Upon acceptance of this service and agreement, you are agreeing that you are in compliance with all local, state, national and international laws, rules and regulations. As well as, the laws that direct the transmission of technical data exported from your country.

To comply with this agreement, it is imperative that you shall not, shall not agree to, and shall not encourage or authorize any third party to distribute, upload, or transmit any content using this service to deliver, offer or promise any materials that are obscene, carry viruses, abusive, fraudulent, harassing, defamatory, unlawful or in any way determined questionable by SoftwareCoupon.co.uk. Also, any material that infringes on another party’s intellectual property rights or other proprietary, contractual, or fiduciary rights or obligations shall not be distributed in any prior stated manner. Removal is necessary if any materials that are uploaded onto coupon upload service without a referral or prior use by SoftwareCoupon.co.uk. You may not in any way prevent others from utilizing this service or use it for inappropriate reasons or to participate in fraud. It is imperative to check for revisions of the content of this material as well as diligently maintaining all rules and regulations provided.

SoftwareCoupon.co.uk reserves the right, but is not obligated, to determine if any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request has been violated through investigation.

Unless permission is given by, SoftwareCoupon.co.uk, for multiple accounts, immediate termination is inevitable.

Intellectual Property Rights

SoftwareCoupon.co.uk will, in no way, use any music, sounds, video, images, information, data, text or other content, for any purpose other than to provide this service. SoftwareCoupon.co.uk claims no ownership of you or your company. Your account is solely yours. Therefore, any information provided by you to SoftwareCoupon.co.uk is your responsibility.


By agreeing to the privacy policy, you understand that all information you provide is your sole responsibility. In saying this, all information is monitored and must comply with all rules designated by SoftwareCoupon.co.uk. This means that, if through legal circumstances or government request, your personal information, which includes your emails, can be edited or disclosed.

It is important to understand the details to this policy and to continue to check for changes and/or removal. SoftwareCoupon.co.uk will do its part to keep your information secure, you will need to do your part and follow the privacy policy.


The world is an ever changing place. Ideas change, environments change and people change. For that reason it is important for SoftwareCoupon.co.uk to have in place an automated advertisement process. SoftwareCoupon.co.uk serves relevant ads using a completely automated process that enables SoftwareCoupon.co.uk to effectively target dynamically changing content.

Account Activity

If an account is not being used for a prolonged period of time, SoftwareCoupon.co.uk can exercise their right to close the account. When the account is closed, the SoftwareCoupon.co.uk user name could go to another user. This will most likely happen without notifying the account holder.

Termination, Cancellation

As stated previously, SoftwareCoupon.co.uk has the right to cancel or stop your account if they see fit. Also, the services and agreement through SoftwareCoupon.co.uk can be suspended at any time without warning.

However, SoftwareCoupon.co.uk will alert you through email if this occurs. The cancellation will be effective at once. In addition you are able to cancel your account with SoftwareCoupon.co.uk at any time. The account will still remain active for up to thirty days. No files, emails, or other account information will be able to be viewed after the cancellation period.


Upon agreement to this service, you will hold SoftwareCoupon.co.uk harmless and indemnify all its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, employees, and agents from and against any third party claim occurring from or in any way related to your use of the service, including any liability or expense occurring from all claims, damages, losses, judgments, litigation costs, attorney’s fees and suits or every kind and nature. If any of the mentioned transpires, SoftwareCoupon.co.uk will send you a written notice of the action, suit or claim.

Terms and Conditions for posting coupons

There are some rules that apply when posting a deal using this service. First of all, be sure that your coupon is original. If you chose to post a deal that is a second copy, moderators will remove it and you may get negative votes. Also, you will need to be very descriptive and link the product to the page. Include details so that the potential customers know what they are getting. This will enhance their shopping experience and result in better reviews. And, as always, do all that you can to check the coupon company website to be sure that the bargains are legit.

Basic Rules

There are some basic rules that need to be followed when using SoftwareCoupon.co.uk’s site. We want to ensure that all potential buyers and other merchants enjoy their experience with us.
•Be sure to check for the lowest prices and make sure postage and handling is included. We only want the best bargains.
•Remember that the bargains you post will be voted on by consumers. Good bargains equal good votes and bad bargains equal negative votes.
•All deals must be accessible from Australia. Therefore when giving shipping costs to the consumer, it is imperative to include shipping costs to major Australian cities when that information is readily available.

What Should Not Be Posted

To make sure that all the votes you receive are as positive, it is easier to know what should not be posted.
•First of all, SoftwareCoupon.co.uk will not, under any circumstances allow any adult themed items to be posted. However, charities are absolutely welcome at any time.
•Auctions, competitions, contests, or anything that only a small group of people can win are also unacceptable posts, but if you would like to bring them to everyone’s attention please email us and we might include them in our Blog.
•Free websites and Freeware are highly wanted items.
•You can also post deals on software that once was a pay to use and now is free.
•And, as always, please feel free to e-mail us about any other freeware and websites. Finally, no duplicate posts are allowed.
•Make sure that you thoroughly search SoftwareCoupon.co.uk database prior to posting.
•There are a few more guidelines that you need to adhere to.
•Affiliate links are not permitted through SoftwareCoupon.co.uk. Many affiliation networks are already partnered with us. Moderators will unpublish offers and remove affiliations as they deem to do so.


Sometimes companies inquire about banner space available with SoftwareCoupon.co.uk. There is direct advertising available with us. View our advertising area for more information: https://softwarecoupon.co.uk/contact/

Links and Images

It is imperative to link the product directly to a specific page. This way, the consumer can research all the information they may need before purchasing. Be warned: linking a top-level website to the deal can be considered spam-like actions and is prohibited. Instead use a specific page when it its available.

To upload images please use coupon uploader function. SoftwareCoupon.co.uk will automatically place the images on the deal’s page.

Please remember to always use the search function before posting to verify that your deal is not a duplicate. All duplicate deals will be immediately deleted.


When posting a bargain with SoftwareCoupon.co.uk be sure to explain the coupon in clear terms. Here are some guidelines as to how to be as descriptive as possible.
•First, provide a complete, but brief, description as it pertains to the merchant, product model, price and location (if there is a specific area).
•Also, be sure to specify if this is a deal for walk-ins, online or both.
•Always, state if shipping if required and what the cost might be. If the cost is unknown, be sure to add “plus shipping” to the deal description.
•Sometimes there are hidden costs and requirements for some deals. You must be sure to state all terms and conditions when explaining the bargain.
•In your description, it is a good idea to let the potential customer know why this is a good deal. You can do so by giving a brief description from the provided link. Always state if you were asked to post this bargain by someone who works for or owns the business.


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